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shoot1 Shoot football slot game reviewSlot games based on sports are becoming more popular at online casino sites, as they represent an alternative way that those who enjoy sports and gaming can combine these two interests. Inevitably, given that it is a huge global industry, slot games based around football are particularly prevalent as part of this trend – with one notable example of this being the game Shoot, which is available at most of the top online casino sites – to find a few, click here! So does Shoot hit the back of the net, or row z in the stand?
Certainly the slot has a great deal to offer slot gaming fans, as it is a five reel slot with fifty pay lines, and offers a very enticing maximum cash jackpot of $20,000 equivalent, which means it is likely to have considerable appeal for gaming fans, regardless of whether they have any real interest in football or not. It also contains most of the other features that online casino fans have come to expect from slot games, like the wild and scatter symbols and the free spins feature that offers them the chance to maximise their payout.

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Many football betting fans were disappointed on this, and the betting sites agreed that England chances were not great.

Soccer News Update

footballicon Soccer News UpdateHere is the soccer news update for you – With England winning seven out of seven of the group six world cup qualifying matches they were expected to continue their good run against their very own arch rivals Croatia. Needless to say they didn’t disappoint, Fabio Cappella hailed England a five one victory against Croatia as the “best performance” England have had, whilst being managed by him.

Captain John Terry agreed with his manager’s good words complimenting the team but saying that they cannot let complacency stand in their way anymore. With England’s repeated disappointing performances in the last 3 world cups many people feel they cannot continue this good run. The team lacks experience together and seems to break up in pressure situations.Many football betting fans were disappointed on this.

Frank Lampard insisted that the players were able to enjoy the great qualification results mentioning: “The way we’ve played tonight typifies our football fantasy I think. We’ve got a long way to go to win the whole thing, obviously, but we’ve qualified and we’re there. It’s nice to get excited at the moment and we will celebrate this, I’m sure.” Only time will tell how England will continue on their unbeaten world cup campaign.

William Hill online betting UK site offers the best odds on almost any sport worldwide.

Bingo Games Guide

online bingo games Bingo Games GuideBingo is a game where players try to match numbers drawn at a random manner against numbers. This internet bingo game was first played in the year 1939. The winner of this game calls out the word “Bingo!” to alert the other players and to call for the possible “win”. All wins are checked for exactness before the win is officially announced and then the prize is secured.
In UK Bingo is described as a game where an unspecified number of players can mark off numbers on a ticket as the numbers are randomly called out.
In USA the game is played by a certain number of players. All of them have cards and tokens. When a number is called the player who has the number on his card places a token on that spot.
The earliest online bingo games were played in 1996. However, it has become very significant as lots of people are enjoying this game over internet.
Maximum operators use javascript or adobe flash based games to play online bingo. To win prizes, user must have an account. But free bingo games are also available with no risk of gambling. In this game, optional features can be used to make the game easier, such as auto-dub, best card sorting, best card highlighting etc. Online bingo also offers chat application along with the game that adds a new dimension to online bingo.

Sports Handicapping Guide

sportsbetting Sports Handicapping GuideSports handicapping is used across a great variety of professional and amateur competitive sports and games, to analyse the various advantages throughout the season (such as winning compensations), to try and predict who has the greatest chance of winning (and losing). This is mostly used for betting purposes, and also various official season game predictions.

It takes a lot of skill and experience to analyse all of the data provided in top level sports such as baseball or football, and also an in depth knowledge of the game itself is essential. In fact there can be so much statistical information to process that many professional sports handicapping experts also use state of the art computer programs, which can help them run every possible factor and variable such as:

  • Injury reports
  • Coaching and management staff
  • Game location (i.e. home or away)
  • Game conditions (weather, pitch condition etc)
  • Historical Data (team or individuals)
  • Player Stats

Successful sports predictions are part statistics, part intuition, and this can be a difficult and challenging profession. Only the best and most consistent make it to the top, and many of them offer their skills online to help you find all the top sports picks and selections. If you are interested in football or basketball then BankRollSports.com concentrates on these two areas, offering selections and predictions on a full range of leagues from NFL to NBA.

This website provides some top football betting tips for NFL fans including how to analyse the statistical information on offer such as injury reports and team history, and also practical advice on how to keep a cool head when betting, (and not to get carried away in all of the season excitement).

Bankroll Sports also offers some free sports picks to NFL handicappers during each season on NFL and college football, and also MLB, NBA and college basketball. This is a good way for beginners to become familiar with the system before signing up to the Bankroll Sports membership. This website also offers a 100% sportsbook bonus deal, which means you can get up to $100 free bonus ($500 deposit limit) when you join BetUS Sports through the link on the website. icon smile Sports Handicapping Guide

ocr 201x147 Gambling Portal Online Casino ReportsOnline gambling is big business, and there are literally hundreds of different gaming websites to choose from including online poker rooms, lotteries, bingo, sports betting and traditional style casinos. Each gaming site has its own rules, online security, games and special offers, so to help you find the very best jackpots and bonuses, visit the complete online gambling review and news website, OnlineCasinoReports.com.

At OnlineCasinoReports.com you can find all about the best online betting and gaming websites, and really make the most of your game time by using the free ‘Services’ section to find out which sites have the best bonus offers, and which have the greatest jackpots and biggest cash prizes. Experienced poker players can search for the best online poker bonuses and hottest table action in the ‘Poker Fever’ section, and high rollers can see which casino sites have the highest wager limits and biggest jackpots on the ‘Red Carpet’ page. If you are interested in online gambling, but do not have a big budget then there are also plenty of reviews on low risk gaming sites, and those which do not require a deposit to play, and this is a good way to try out and practise various online games without having to wager any money.

Online Casino Reports is ideal for beginners, as it introduces players to the various online gambling and betting websites currently available, but also provides fascinating and in depth guides on the rich culture and etiquette that underlies gambling, from how it is portrayed in famous movies (Casino Royale, Rat Races) to various interesting facts and figures. You can also find out more about the history of betting games, and the role they have played across different societies, from providing a sense of release from the everyday life of the working classes, to being a career and profession for those clever few that master the art of their game.

Beginners and some more experienced players will also find the section on gaming guides and the ‘casino school’ very useful, as these both provide detailed information on the rules of popular games, as well as advice and tips on how to improve your play. For example the online poker guide section has top tips on how to play games like Texas Hold’em, and also advice on playing poker online as a whole, from how find a poker room to detailed explanations of the winning card hierarchies, (from straight flush down to high card).

0 Gambling Portal Online Casino Reports

Online Casino Reports is different from many of the other online gambling review websites because it incorporates a greater range of media options for visitors, such as the high quality weekly video clip releases on all kinds of gaming issues from news to the latest game releases, (also available on the youtube video website), and downloadable podcasts so that you can catch up with what is happening in the gaming world, even when you are away from your computer. To find out more visit Onlinecasinoreports.com

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